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"1 of 10 events that will help you grow in 2018" - INC.


Stacking Growth Summit IV

The purpose of the event is to bring the top growth marketers in the industry to speak and share their insights.

The main focus is to extract tactical information from some of the best in the industry. It's a no BS type of conference that will have you walking away with growth tactics that you can use for your own endeavor.


Previous Growth Speakers

Johnson Jeng

Kickstarter Expert. Raised over seven figures on multiple projects

Jim Louderback

CEO of Vidcon

Jeremy Haynes

CEO of Megalodon Marketing / Ran paid campaigns for Grant Cardone

Omar Sayyed

CEO, Co-Founder of

Bo Nam

Principal at Columbus Nova Tech Partners

Sylvia Flores

CEO of Manos Accelerator

Mark Madrid

Executive Director of the Latino Business Action Network

Josh Fechter

Co-founder of BAMF Media

Houston Golden

Co-founder of BAMF Media

Dmitry Dumik

Creator of Chatfuel

Paulo Martins

CEO at

Alyssa Satara

INC Contributor

Rick Rasmussen

Went public and sold for a collective of $8 Billion+

Travis Hawley

VP of Business at Viral Nation

Allen Loh

Co-Founder of HOLLA (US top 20 Social App)

Maria Salamanca

Investment Team at Unshackled VC

Nupur Singh

CEO of En Creative Media

Justin Wu

Head of Growth at CoinCircle

Thomas Ma

 Influencer Marketing Expert at Sapphire Apps

Goldie Chan

Linkedin Video Content Expert

Jonathan Gaurano

Head of Video Content at Hint

Juan Campos

Co-Founder of NomadApp

Rain Francisco

Social Strategist
Disney Digital Network

The Agenda

May 4th


Previous AGENDA below

9AM - 10AM

January 27th (Day 1)

Morning Reception and Registration

Check in, grab your badges and start to network with fellow growth marketers.

10AM - 10:15AM


Welcoming remarks from your co-host
Thomas Ma and Justin Wu

10:15AM - 11AM

Building a Community Panel

Hailey Friedman was the 2nd marketing hire at USV, GC & Menlo backed RealtyShares. She has 6 years of startup experience and is President of one of the largest communities of marketers and founders in Silicon Valley, with over 15,000 members. She shares all her growth marketing tactics on her blog

Panel Members:
Thomas Ma - Co-host of Stacking Growth and Co-founder of Sapphire Apps

Justin Wu - Co-host of Stacking Growth and head of Growth at Coin Circle
Nupur Singh is a social media & growth strategist and founder of marketing consulting, En Creative Media. She helps startups and individuals build their online presence via social media and content.

She is also the founder of Young Founders Connect, an invite-only network that hosts exclusive events for entrepreneurs and creators. Nupur is also a fashion influencer & Youtuber and runs a lifestyle blog called The Crispy Corner. She has worked with brands such as Club Monaco, Armani Makeup, Givenchy, Charlotte Russe and has been featured in various publications like International Business Times and HuffPost.

11AM to 11:30AM

Growth Hacking your business Keynote

Presented by: Juan Campos

Juan Felipe Campos serves as Partner and VP of Technology at Manos Accelerator in partnership with Google Launchpad. He has graduated his company NomadApp from the largest accelerator in the world, Plug and Play, and the Go Silicon Valley program. Juan helps run the largest digital marketing community in Silicon Valley with over 15,000 members.

He serves on the board of directors of green construction tech company Greenovate Construction and Argentina’s Examining Board of Tech Accelerators. His companies have been featured in major publications including Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Inc. Magazine, and Forbes.

11:30AM to NOON

Launching a 6 figure Kickstarter Keynote

Presented by: Johnson Jeng

Johnson Jeng advises companies on brand marketing and start up acceleration. With 12+ years in senior positions at branding and marketing, he's currently the Co-Founder of StartPad, a launch accelerator and Co-Founder of Vanson & Associates, a branding firm in Silicon Valley.

Johnson has launched dozens of products globally and helped international brands go to market in North America.  Besides branding and marketing, Johnson is well versed in design, product manufacturing, positioning, and has a passion in making a difference.

Noon to 12:30PM

Success with Eccomerce Keynote

Presented by: Omar Sayyed

Omar Sayyed is the Co-founder and CEO operating private brands such as Alynn Brands and Sock Genius. He spends most of his days cheerleading - everyone needs a cheerleader. He create opportunities for his team and for his company.

Omar started a (traditional) company while still in college and used its assets to fund others. He is absolutely passionate about the tech industry, the eCommerce space, and some things marketing. When he does get away from the office, he spends time with his wife and likes to travel.

Specialties: eCommerce, emotional intelligence, business development, deal making, building great teams, strategy, operations, leadership, burger eating, and scotch drinking.

12:30PM to 1:15PM

Influencer Marketing Panel Discussion

Thomas Ma

Rain Francisco - Social Strategist at Disney

Rain Lee Francisco is a blogger and social media strategist who's developed campaigns for major brands and worked with top Influencers at Disney Digital Network, formally Maker Studios.

She's founder of the RLF Group, an Influencer & Social marketing consulting service. Rain develops social strategy for Influencers to develop their personal brand and for companies, such as the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, to develop their social presence. Her goal is to educate both Influencers and brands on best practices to build stronger relationships with one another in order to optimize the space.

Jonathan Gaurano - Head of Video Content at Hint

Jonathan is a creative growth content strategist and writer for online brands. The brands and projects he has worked on have reached over 500 million video views and acquired over 20 million+ subscribed fans in the process.

Travis Hawley - VP of Business Development at Viral Nation

Travis Hawley has quite the distinct background when it comes to communications and marketing. His adolescent interest in foreign languages led him to become a polyglot, especially once he joined the US Air Force as a Hebrew linguist working in Signals Intelligence within the National Security Agency, commonly known as "the NSA". After his four years of service to his country, he continued to work for the NSA as a  contractor in Afghanistan supporting combat soldiers with his Signals Intelligence background. Quite strikingly, throughout the next three years, he turned down jobs at the FBI, the NSA, his local police department and even graduate school for nursing at UIC before he found himself working in social media marketing.

In his spare time, he grew "fan pages" on Facebook and Instagram where he gained valuable experience in social media and content marketing as he grew his accounts to hundreds of thousands of followers. Miraculously, he then found himself with a job offer to lead social media at the top grossing mobile game developer in the world, Machine Zone, where he worked directly with many celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Conor McGregor, Kate Upton, Brett Favre, and Rob Gronkowski to develop TV commercials as well as hundreds of social media posts that advertised Machine Zone's titles. He even starred in a commercial with Conor McGregor.

From influencer marketing to community management, to social listening, Travis spearheaded very high-level campaigns and initiatives at Machine Zone that were lauded all the way up and through the C-Suite. Eventually, Travis took his experience and expertise to the agency side at Viral Nation Inc, North America's premier influencer marketing and talent agency, where he could bring Machine Zone's performance driven influencer marketing approach to other major brands like Anheuser-Busch and Rovio. As a distinguished marketer that has worked on all three sides of the business, as an influencer, as a marketer at the brand, and now at the agency, Travis brings a unique perspective as well as a holistic and performance approach along with him. In his spare time he loves to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which he has earned a purple belt.

1:15PM to 2PM

Lunch Break

There will be food trucks at the venue

2PM to 2:30PM

B2B email keynote

Presented by Bernard Ablola

Bernard Ablola is the founder of Think Strategy, a marketing and communications firm, located in Irvine, CA. Think Strategy focuses on B2B sales development for enterprise level clients. He is a frequent speaker on the topic of marketing automation. 

Prior to his role at Think Strategy, Bernard managed over $25MM in search and display advertising for Microsoft’s premier clients. He is an active board member for Holistic Life Foundation, Inc., a Baltimore based nonprofit, that teaches over 7,500+ children nationwide, the practice of mindfulness and yoga. 

He received his BA from University of Baltimore and his MBA from Seattle University. On the weekends, you can find him hiking or skateboarding through SoCal, walking his Pomsky (Google it) or finding THE spiciest Asian food in the city. He is an avid traveler, visiting art galleries around the world, 8 countries in the last 12 months. Some of his favorite places include the Philippines, Hungary and Vienna. When in Asia, he highly recommends NOT eating the ice.

2:30PM to 3PM

Personal Branding Keynote

Presented by Jeremy Haynes

Jeremy Haynes is a 23 year old entrepreneur with offices in Beverly Hills and Miami running a 'digital marketing agency' helping some of the worlds top entrepreneurs and influencers make millions while scaling their personality brands and showing tens of thousands of others how to do the same in the process. 

He started his agency over 2 years ago after quitting his job for Grant Cardone--a prominent sales trainer worth almost $1B--working as his sole digital marketing specialist driving millions with the help of Jeremy and the team. He's since spoke on dozens on stages, accumulated over 2,000+ paid students into his mentoring programs and has helped over 200+ clients hands on since starting his agency. You may have also found him teaching in one of the many Tai Lopez programs he's been featured in including the SMMA program, Traveling CEO program, Entrepreneur Start Kit course or the new book Tai's launching that Jeremy has been invited to co-author a chapter in. 

Jeremy will show you step by step with no BS or fillers exactly what you need to do and how to do it based on high level experience to drive leads and sales at scale while impacting millions with your message in the process.

3PM to 3:30PM

SEO for your Personal Brand Keynote

Presented by Arsen Rabinovich

Arsen Rabinovich is the founder of LLC, a Los Angeles-based, Search and Social Marketing Agency working with big and small brands across the US. 

In late 2008 Arsen started off as an SEO consultant, hired his first employee in late 2009 and formed LLC in August of 2010.

The company now has 10 full-time employees working out of offices in Sherman Oaks. Arsen attributes this growth to the company's ability to deliver results without obligating its clients to long term contract. This has lead to a 97% customer retention rate and a doubling of revenue every year since its founding. now provides services to over 30 clients within a variety of verticals including eCommerce, medical technology, financial services, social networking, local small business, music and entertainment, and technology startups.

3:30PM to 4:15PM

Eccomerce Panel Discussion

Justin Wu

Jonathan Foltz

Futurist, Philosopher, and Avid Knowledge Seeker.

Started over 20 companies in technology, education, e-commerce, and the digital space.

Built 3 Million dollar brands in 3 completely different industries in the last 3 years.

Owner of the International Marketing Agency, Digital Age Business, which has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world.

Owner of multiple Ecommerce brands and was able to take a business to 7 figures a month within its first year.

Vincent Wang

Dee Deng - Head of Growth/Co-founder at Right Hook Digital

Dee Deng is the Head of Growth and co-founder of Right Hook Digital, a Facebook advertising and growth marketing agency helping eCommerce businesses achieve their growth goals.

Within the 6 months since the agency’s inception, Right Hook has:
- grown a men's fashion label from startup to $1M company in 90 days;
- scaled a female-empowerment accessories brand from $40k to $250k monthly revenue in 4 months;
- generated $570,000 worth of new business for a finance client with a $9,000 advertising budget
- grown to a team of 6, with ~$1M in Facebook advertising spend under management.

Dee is also addicted to ramen and fried chicken - which is also the way to his heart!

4:15PM to 5PM

FOMO Crypto Panel Roundtable Panel

Moderator: Chris Sweiss

Panelists: TBD

How to successfully run a ICO Crowdsale by creating demand. Chris Sweiss has worked with over 100 token sales throughout the full tokenization and crowdsale process.

5PM to 5:30PM

Scaling Vidcon and the Future of Media Fireside Chat

Thomas Ma

Jim Louderback - CEO of Vidcon

Jim Louderback is currently CEO of online video conference company VidCon and a venture partner at Social Starts. In recent years, he has developed integrated digital video strategies for large media companies - including Viacom, Discovery and National Geographic - and built platform intentional studio facilities while launching new vertically-focused content brands.  In addition, he has helped a variety of media and technology startups focus their objectives, reorient their audience and customer strategy, improve product design, and develop long-term strategic plans. 

Previously Jim was CEO of on-line video startup Revision3, and led the company to 20x viewer and revenue growth and 9 prestigious awards. In 2012, he sold Revision3 to Discovery, led the integration, launched and acquired 6 new networks, and built Discovery Digital Networks. Prior to that, Jim spent 16 years in increasingly senior editorial and technology management roles at TechTV, PC Magazine and PC Week.

5:30 PM to 7PM

Stacking Growth Networking

7PM to ??

Stacking Growth Celebration Party



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Coming Soon!

January 27-28


500 Yosemite Dr.
Milpitas, CA 95035




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